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We put ideas at the very heart of everything we do. We create award winning mobile strategy for native and web applications. We generate results that will vastly improve both user engagement and sales. We use our tailored launch mechanism designed to get you to the top.

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Our Services.

Our services have been carefully crafted through years of experience to offer you the most streamlined mobile technology solutions, all the way from strategy and concept right through to launch and analytics. We have consistently delivered exceptional results in native app UI/UX design, development, mobile marketing and strategy for iOS, Android and Windows devices, and we want to do the same for you through our range of key services.

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Mobile User Experience

Mobile design must reflect smartphone constraints and strengths: small screen, short sessions, single window, touch interaction etc. We are all about UX and have an award winning team who create some of the best user journeys for mobile.

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Native App Development

All of our apps are developed natively for any required platform, be it iOS, Android or Windows Phone. This results in a more polished, professional product and provides the best user experience possible.

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Backend / API Development

We use the latest technologies to build bespoke backend systems for each product; ensuring a secure, reliable system to suit your needs.

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App Store Optimisation

By analysing App Store and key-word trends over time, we can increase your app’s visibility and provide your product with more organic downloads.

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App Store Optimisation

By analysing App Store and key-word trends over time, we can increase your app’s visibility and provide your product with more organic downloads.

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App Marketing Strategy

Get a detailed marketing plan with a step-by-step approach to launch, promote and monetise your app.

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Full Service Testing

Once the App, API or backend development are complete, we conduct full service testing in order to perfect any product on many of the various different devices and screen-sizes available today.

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Our Award Winning Process.

Our award winning process has been created to achieve one single objective - to turn your idea into reality. This will always happen on time and within your budget, so a huge amount of effort is invested early in the campaign to establish exactly what the most efficient path is to success. With this information, we create an in depth roadmap planning exactly when and how your app will be published to the app store.

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Take a closer look at some of the successful projects we have worked on:

Sony Playstation

Sony PlayStation decided to work with Apposing on its brand ambassador app - an iOS, Android and web-based platform that gamified education for anyone that sells Sony Playstation products by incentivising them to complete education modules for points, which could be exchanged for limited edition products.

Authentication functionality, store leaderboards and a bespoke analytics tracking system were also integrated into the app to help Sony Playstation make more informed business decisions.

Skipton Building Society

Full Mobile Strategy

Skipton Building Society hired Apposing as their digital partner, tasking us with developing a long term web and mobile strategy to enhance customer experience in and out of branches. The original scope of work will see long term research and strategic planning, alongside continuous iterations of a suite of mobile apps.


Bespoke survey platform

Apposing were approached by McDonald's to create a bespoke web-based survey platform for McDonald's management. These custom surveys could then be distributed to specific stores and franchisees and used to generate data that could help with business decisions.

Due to the success of this platform, Apposing has worked with McDonald's on numerous internal innovation workshops, proof of concepts and idea generation on the integration of new technologies.


Fitness App In Association With The Vodafone Foundation & House Of Lords

BLOCK is a fitness and wellbeing app that allows you to race against others to control the most territory in the areas you are running in. Other people or teams can see the territories you own and try to beat your time to take your territories.


We were tasked with developing a Nandos themed Christmas experience, incorporating the traditional 'cracker pull', jokes, games and cutting edge mobile technology.

Using the device accelerometer and Bluetooth connectivity, the Nandos Crackalaka Boom app allows users to physically pull their phones like a Christmas cracker. Waiting inside are Nandos themed jokes, a tile puzzle game and the very popular ‘North Pole-aroid’ feature that allows users to play festive dress-up before sharing a photo to social media.

Carphone Warehouse

Bill Angel App

Apposing designed and developed a handy new mobile app for Carphone Warehouse which allows users to take full control of their tariff. ‘Bill Angel’ monitors the user’s call, text and web use, updating the easy to use interface with live results to stop the user getting ‘bill shock’.

BBC iPlayer

Deep linking technology for cross-platform sharing of content

Apposing developed four key user-models that demonstrated how apps can communicate using ‘deep links’. These apps not only communicate between iOS devices, but also from iOS to Android and vice-versa. The user experience and solution were designed and developed by Apposing in under a month with outstanding results.

Nestle Choose Wellness

Health And Wellbeing App

The Nestlé app idea was focussed around little changes making a big difference! The app which was featured by Apple in their ‘Best New Apps’ category made it easy for you to see how you can Eat Healthier, Move More and Live Better by taking a pledge in the app and count all those little steps you take to help you to balance your food intake, be active and lead a healthier life.

Jaguar Land Rover

Enterprise App For Staff Engagement

We developed an enterprise app for all of the Jaguar Land Rover internal staff to use during their breaks in a special zone designated for the use that allowed them to see latest news, jobs, etc.


Augmented Reality 'In Your Room

Apposing designed and developed a unique augmented reality app that would allow users to see every CSL sofa in their own room. Users would then be able to take a picture and share to social network sites.

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